Selecting the correct telephone system at a sensible price with either fixed lines, Internet based or mobile can be time consuming.
Foremost discounted telephone specialist - provides and installs systems for 1-100 users
  • Telephone Systems
    From 2 users to 100, we offer you tailored solutions. You can choose between a PBX on the wall in the office or ISDN or VOIP through the internet. Analogue, digital or Cloud – Whitehall can advise what is suitable for your needs and the cheapest to use. And with our fleet of friendly engineers we will provide all the support you need. READ MORE
  • Telehone Services
    Do you need your telephone system to work for you differently. From directing the caller to the right department, customer queuing, night and bank holiday messaging, diverting, call recording – everything is possible on a Whitehall system – easy as Pick'n mix! READ MORE
  • Internet & Broadband
    Select from broadband, fibre or direct lease-lined internet services for the best connectivity in your area. Tell us your postal code and we can immediately tell you the best combination of cost and connectivity. We will also integrate and patch panel your IT and telephone requirements. All services are business-grade with 24hour support. READ MORE
  • VOIP Connectivity
    With ever increasing reliability in connectivity, costs can be drastically reduced with all the benefits of an in-house system providing tool-bar control, mobile Apps. Call from anywhere in the world using the office number and at local rates – it could not be simpler. READ MORE
  • IT Support
    At the heart of all businesses is IT. Whitehall understands this and will provide you with fail-safe resolute solutions for all businesses using PCs, Macs and servers. On-site and remote support will ensure that the operations room of your business will always be looked after giving you 24hour confidence and reliability. Accredited support for all sites and applications. READ MORE
  • Mobile Contracts
    Across all the networks, from 1-100 mobile users, take advantage of our specially negotiated corporate rates giving you reliability, flexibility and all inclusive options. It's very simple – just tell us what you require and we will give you a quote. READ MORE
  • Cheapest Line & Call Charges
    We are cheaper than every other Tier 1 carrier, giving you the cheapest rates with the most resolute technology. Dependability, reliability and cost savings is why companies use Whitehall Solutions. No fixed contracts to tie you in with, just old fashioned transparency and itemised billing. Just email us your existing bill and we tell you what you will save. READ MORE
  • Whitehall Energy
    It is impossible for you to know the cheapest gas and electrical supplier – but we do, Save on your commercial energy costs and on the bottom line. We will compare your energy prices with what you ought to be paying and propose the cheapest supplier – at no cost to you. Call now to save costs. READ MORE
  • Whitehall Health
    There is an excellent chance that you could reduce your current premiums and at the same time increase your range of benefits. This can even apply if you or a member of your family is currently receiving treatment. It's time to call Whitehall Solutions to see how little it can cost. READ MORE

As a business like yours, we understand that costs and savings are crucial.

Let Whitehall Solutions help you select a system that meets all your requirements for a modern business.

We propose the options and you then choose – and with our qualified  engineers we will install, service and maintain - it's as easy as that. With our friendly office staff ready to take your call – we will tirelessly work to ensure you are a satisfied client.

Having a supplier that thinks like its clients, you can see why Whitehall Solutions is London’s leading supplier of both fixed line and mobile contracts.


"At Whitehall Solutions we understand that every penny counts".